The last few months I’ve been able to improve my skills with Adobe Illustrator. With this project I wanted to create a vector icon set with my own flare to it. One of my favorite childhood, and still to this day, disney movies is Mulan. I used my love for Mulan and got to work in Adobe Illustrator.

Icons are icons because there’s something that set them apart and make them recognizable as icons. For my set I wanted to create memorable characters from the movie. In my drafting and sketching I had to come up with facial and profile features that made each character distinguishable as their character and translate that into vector form. As a set there are certain “rules” that create unity and continuity, so I created my own so it felt that all of these icons belonged to a group. I love the minimalist look, so I used a faceless profile for each Mulan character. I also created each character with a round face, some with oval, because it was integral to their character and set them apart as those icons. I also wanted to keep a warm color tone to it, so you’ll notice that with each of the icons I used a warmer color (yellow or red) with exceptions to certain parts of the clothing on some icons. I hope you enjoy this Mulan vector set!


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