Shooting Portraiture in Victor, Idaho

Portraiture has easily become one of my favorite types of photography to shoot. Although I consider myself a landscape and fine art photographer, applying my fine art photography skills to portrait photography has to be some of my favorite portrait photography memories I’ve made. I had the opportunity to take part in a stylized portrait photoshoot with several amazing models. Each had their own style, mood, and story to bring, so it was a pleasure to be able to show through photography what they were trying to convey.

In this first portrait, I had the incredible blessing to photograph my good friend, Danielle. Her beauty and style added to the story I envisioned, so I asked her to model for me. I love cinematic, dramatic portraits, so I used certain auxillary lighting to achieve that feeling as well as including a complementary gradient map to give color contrast to the photo.

For this photo I had a fun time interacting and photographing this model. I felt she had a really good sense for modeling naturally, so I let her take the reigns of what she was going to do modeling-wise. I told her, “don’t be afraid to get a little weird”, and she whipped out some awesome modeling poses for me to photograph.

This next photo is a favorite of mine. I did minimal retouching on the actual model and the light that we were using was awesome. For this photo I wanted to it be dramatic, low key, and memorable. With the light, I wanted to go for a split lighting pattern to further develop that dramatic message. After editing this photo though, I felt something was missing, so I decided to add some text and make a mock sports ad for Nike.

I got another incredible image of this fantastic model. For this photo I wanted more of a desaturated, earthy toned photo with less of an editorial/fashion look. Although I had her do more of a posed, editorial pose, I wanted to keep the earthy tones while I retouched and processed this photo.

For this I included a lighting technique called SQIBB (studio quality invisible black background) that I picked up from Caryn Esplin. Both the model and I were in a normal lit room and with a speedlight, rogue modifier, and my camera settings, I was able to capture this studio look. I absolutely loved her look and just her natural beauty, so I kept that in mind when I was trying decided what type of lighting I wanted to utilize for this photo.

This next image was kind of a happy accident. After doing frequency separation and color grading the image I accidentally hit the Black and White Adjustment Layer and I LOVED how it looked, so I kept it as a cool black and white image. After converting it, I played with the saturation of the different hues to get some good contrast and then added a curves adjustment layer to deepen the contrast between the highlights and the shadows

And then lastly, one of my favorites to this day. I took this photo of my good friend,¬†Emilee. If you know her in real life, you know that she is one of the most joyful, humble, and incredibly kind people you’ll ever meet. With that in mind, I wanted to show that by using some incredible golden hour light, right as the sun was rising. The rich golden light exudes a feeling of happiness, kindness, and goodness and it definitely matches who she is!


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