Capturing the Best Landscape Photography

Nature is a sight to behold, and as a photographer it’s an honor to be able to go throughout the world to capture some of the beauty that’s all around us. For a class excursion I had the opportunity to travel throughout Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming to capture some of the most breathtaking scenes I’ve been able to witness.

As a class we woke up around 4am to drive over to Schwabacher Landing to capture the alpenglow and sunrise on the Grand Teton peaks. The weather had been extremely stormy the night before and continued on through the morning. In a last minute detour we went over the T.A. Moulton Barn to capture some lightpainted shots of the barns. On our way out we notice this amazing sun rays peaking through the clouds and we had to get the shots. Even though I was bummed to see that the clouds were covering the Tetons I was grateful for it because I wouldn’t have got this shot. In post I clone stamped out distracting objects, used several blending modes for the clouds and foreground, and dodged/burned the natural highlights and shadows of the image.

Landscape, Fine Art, Landscape Photography, Heavenly Ray

As the day wore on, the clouds started to part and we had some opportunities to photograph more landscape photography at Schwabacher Landing. In post I straightened the image, used blending modes to capture more depth in the clouds, adjusted the Hue/Saturation, sharpened the trees and grass, and dodged and burned the image.

Fine Art, Landscape Photography, Reflections, Grand Teton National Park, Outdoor Photography, Nature, Schwabacher Landing, Trees

The next two images were captured at Leigh Lake. This spot had to be one of my favorites we made during our landscape photography spots. The lake had a natural cyan and green color and it was incredible to walk around and take in the view. For this shot I wanted a widest angle of the lake I could get, so I used my Rokinon 14mm f2.8 lens and set up my camera and tripod on the widest part of the lake. In post, I used the multiply blending mode to get more depth and shadow in the clouds. I also adjusted the hue/saturation of the blues, cyans, and greens. I topped it all off with some dodging and burning to get more contrast between the highlights and shadows.

Landscape Photography, Lake, Reflection, Grand Teton National Park, Fine Art, Fine Art Photography, Leigh Lake, Clouds, Grand Tetons

For my second shot of Leigh Lake I had to get right up next to the shore to get this angle. I wanted something in the foreground, middleground, and background to keep this image from being boring and lackluster. In post, I clone stamped out random people who happened to be on the rocks, adjusted the hue and saturation of the blues and yellows, and sharpened the trees and rocks.

Landscape Photography, Lake, Reflection, Grand Teton National Park, Fine Art, Fine Art Photography, Leigh Lake, Clouds, Grand Tetons

Landscape photography has slowly become one of my favorite things to shoot. With different perspectives and right editing tools, you can easily capture the same beauty you witness in person.


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