Showcasing My Best Photography Work

I started college not knowing what to expect and where my passions and future awaited, but I find myself loving photography more than I ever have. When I first started I never knew how much went into planning, shooting, and editing, but now realize the amount of work it takes to creating stunning and unforgettable photography. In the last several months for my Professional Imaging class at BYU-Idaho, I’ve come to appreciate the labor and creativity other photographers put into their own work and I have come to love every time I’m able to push my technical and creative abilities to the limit. Not only have I learned the skills necessary for taking and editing photos, but I now have greater understanding and appreciation for what it takes to apply SEO and business strategies to be the best photographer and businesswoman I can be. I’ve learned a great deal about who I am as a photographer and hope you’ll enjoy this collection of my work that I’ve recently created!

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Portraits, Portraiture, Headshots, Studio Photography, Portrait Photography

Kayla Taculog, Long Exposure, Long Exposure Photography, Fine Art, Fine Art Photography, Astrophotography, Shooting Astrophotography, Night Photography, Star Photos, Landscape Photography, Landscape, Nightscape

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