In January 2017 I had the opportunity to work on a PR campaign for a local southeast Idaho company, NetAngel. The CEO approached my team with several problems and issues his company was facing at the time and asked for our team’s help in overcoming the important obstacles they were facing. As a member of the PR team, I was tasked with being the main designer and some copywriting for the final PR book we produced for NetAngel. The book included all of our research, copywriting, contacts, and future social media plans for the company to follow after acquiring the necessary funding they needed to continue to do business.

In my designs I wanted to stay true to their current branding NetAngel had established. I felt that their color scheme, web design, and overall design of web and print products did a good job of communicating the type of company they wanted to be known for. My main focus was to create designs that would clearly and concisely portray the information we as a team had gathered and wanted to present to our client. We centered our campaign around “Create Connections” and kept that in mind as I designed each page for content to be given to our client.


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