I am a huge fan of fashion photography and magazines. Photographers like Lindsay Adler, Sue Bryce, and Chris Knight are my biggest inspirations when it comes to creating stunning and captivating photographs to be used in magazines. As an homage to my love for fashion photography I created some mock magazines for world-renowned fashion magazines such as Vogue, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, etc.

My personal photography style can be described as dramatic, modern, with lots of contrast. I like to use contrast both in my photography and graphic design work to make my subject the focal point of my projects. For each of these magazine covers I kept that in mind design-wise. The biggest hurdle I had to overcome was how to add text while keeping the photograph the focal point of the cover. IN addition to graphic design principles and elements, I studied each of the different magazines to understand the general layout for each specific magazine and tried to incorporate that into my designs. In regards to photography, I used studio strobes with modifiers to capture the type and quality of light you’d be accustomed to see on these fashion magazines.

This first magazine cover features my awesome photographer friend Danielle, who also serves as a killer model. I used a Yongnuo IV speedlight modified with a XL Rogue Flashbender and set it up forty five degrees camera right of Danielle. For my base settings I used an aperture of F10, shutter speed of 1/200 sec, and an ISO of 100. When designing this cover in post production I found her posing to be strong, independent, and wanted to cover that in the title and body text included on bottom left and top right.

KaylaTaculog-Fashion-Magazine-Harpers-Bazaar-Mockup-Fashion Photography-Studio Photography-Portrait Photography

For this next cover I got a great photo of my model, Kenzie. We were in the same room that I shot my photo of Danielle and used the same light set up and settings.

KaylaTaculog-Fashion-Magazine-VanityFair-Mockup-Fashion Photography-Portrait Photography-Graphic Design

This next magazine cover is a favorite of mine. I got to photograph my model, Morgan, with an awesome Godox AD200 lights. Her ability to model and understand light in regards to modeling was amazing. For my camera set up I set up the Godox light modified by a Neewer Octabox to camera right. I set the light about seventy degrees to the left of my model and slightly above head level to get some great directional light. When designing this cover I had the most difficulty with the text placement. I wanted her outfit to be the focal point, especially with the text “The Big Fashion Issue” alluding to that as the main subject. In my studying of this magazine I found that they use two main fonts, with the serif VOGUE font as the title and a san-serif as the body text. In this case, I decided to do one font and use font size and style to contrast between header and body text.

KaylaTaculog-Fashion-Magazine-Vogue-Mockup-Fashion Photography-Portrait Photography-Studio Photography-Graphic Design

And for my last cover, I photographed Parker Hamrick, who is also a really talented photographer, videographer, and artist. For my photo set up I had one continuous westcott light modified by another octabox set up camera right. I loved the original exposure and was so excited to get into the retouching phase. I originally edited this particular photo to be a black and white, which was incredible, but I loved the monochrome blue look I photographed. In Adobe Illustrator I created the GQ logo as close as I could get to the original logo and modified the colors of the letters. My biggest challenge in this design was finding the right fonts that would fit this magazine’s style and pairing it with the right sizing in regards to entire photo. Here’s what I was able to design.

KaylaTaculog-Fashion-Magazine-GQ-Mockup-Fashion Photography-Portrait Photography-Graphic Design-Male Model

I took on this project mostly as something to do in my spare time, but I loved getting to pour my creative abilities into something that can be relevant in the fashion and marketing industries. Hope you enjoyed this magazine cover series!

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