How to Create a Movie Poster in Photoshop

Hollywood is saturated with stunning visuals to accompany the millions of films it produces every year. One of the many aspects I love about the film industry are the movie posters that are created as advertisements and teasers for their respective movies. This week I decided to create my own movie poster in Adobe Photoshop. Check out¬†Alli Brock’s¬†awesome re-creation of the Tomb Raider movie poster!

About two weeks ago I watched the movie, Collateral Beauty, for the first time and was moved by the plot and lessons the movie portrayed. After mulling over several ideas, I decided to re-create this movie poster in Photoshop.

I started my movie poster process by dissecting how I’d be able to re-create it. As a start, I created an 11×17 white document in photoshop. For the photographs I started with my own self-portrait. I used one speedlight with a Rogue flashbender to create a nice, soft light to illuminate my face. I brought the image into photoshop and made a selection of my body and face with the quick selection tool and dragged it into the 11×17 white document.

With the rectangle tool, I created 1/8″ rectangles across the document and layered them in a grid-like pattern to give me a base where I could insert the rest of my images. From there I inserted all portrait images into the squares and created a clipping mask–where only the image shown in the square is visible. All portrait images (beside my self-portrait and top right image of Macy Smith) were taken from The reference movie poster showed that the images of each person had a unique editing style, but I wanted to create a cohesive style throughout the photos. I decided to desaturate and add a cooler color temperature to each image. I then added text to reflect the style from the Collateral Beauty movie poster with a thick, sans-serif font for the title and tagline, with a thin weighted, sans-serif for the actor credit text. The following is the final result! I thoroughly enjoyed being able to re-create this movie poster in Photoshop and continue to build my software and photography skills. I hope you enjoy!

Check out DoubleR’s Youtube and Google+ account. They served as my inspiration for my movie poster.


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