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Hi, I’m Kayla!

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Kayla is a portrait and landscape photographer from Orem, Utah. She is currently earning her degree at Brigham Young University-Idaho in Visual Communication and Marketing.


  • Day 22  Proud of Todays caption kinda goes along
    3 days ago by kaylataculogphoto Day 22 - Proud of Today’s caption kinda goes along with yesterday’s prompt. Although I’m not the best at what I do, I’m grateful and proud for how far I’ve come in photography. I remember being so timid, anxious, and shy about my abilities back when I started taking photography seriously. I didn’t know what I wanted to shoot, I relied on luck to get the shots I wanted, and thought I knew that I wouldn’t/couldn’t do photography full-time. Now I look back and see a shell of the person that I am now. I’m confident in my work, I
  • Day 20  Design Process As a photographer a lot
    5 days ago by kaylataculogphoto Day 20 - Design Process As a photographer a lot of work goes into planning and executing shoots. I get overly stressed out if every little detail isn’t planned out, so I research and plan up the wazoo . My mood boards serve as my main planning tool. From there I know my concept, lighting, logistics, and put all of my inspiration into one document or place. I typically use Photoshop to create a document with some of my photo inspiration or hit up my Pinterest boards to get my ideas into the realm of realization. The first photo is
  • Day 21  Throwback Who doesnt love a lil throwback?
    4 days ago by kaylataculogphoto Day 21 - Throwback Who doesn’t love a lil throwback? It’s awesome to see how far I’ve come in my photography skills and adventures in the last year. The photo I took of this cowgirl is one of the first photos I remember using auxiliary lighting. I had ZERO clue what was going on and I was just fed the camera settings to get this photo in under 10 minutes. The light is alright but I wasn’t shooting with intent and my abilities in editing software was crap to say the least To contrast, the second photo is one of
  • Day 23  Top Tip or Advice Now Im not
    2 days ago by kaylataculogphoto Day 23 - Top Tip or Advice Now I’m not an expert, but I’ve learned so many lessons on my journey to be a photographer. The most valuable piece of advice I could give to a beginning photographer is to keep shooting and don’t be afraid. As photographers we all have to find our niche and it takes a lot experimentation to find what you’re good at and want to shoot. 99.9% of the time the first things we shoot when learning is going to suck. It’s inevitable. But sticking to shooting, trying out new things, letting go of your
  • Day 24  Feedback Today Im at the mercy of
    1 day ago by kaylataculogphoto Day 24 - Feedback Today I’m at the mercy of what you all think of my photos! I try to create visuals that are striking, storytelling, and in my style, dramatic—whether that’s through the posing, light, or editing style. I wanna know what you think! Drop a comment below. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  #portraits   #portraiture   #portraiture_kings   #portraitoftheday   #moodygrams   #ig_shotz   #ig_photooftheday   #ig_mood   #portraitmood   #life_portraits   #pixel_ig   #portraitphotography   #portraitpage   #portraits_ig   #portraits_universe   #rexburg   #idaho   #rexburgphotographer